Developing front end applications that connect diagnostic sensors to back end data platforms
End to end digital health solutions supporting health providers, practitioners and patients
Working with our partners to improve the lives of millions of people with chronic conditions
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Digital Connectivity & App Development

Bond is a software consultancy developing end to end digital connectivity tools (App, Cloud & Dashboard) for innovators in Life Sciences and Medical Devices.  

If you are developing a point of care test, lateral flow, diagnostics, biosensors or wearable technology, you can use our experience and technology to collect and manage your valuable data and refine it for clinical, scientific and commercial gain.

Our three core areas of expertise are:

Software Development

App development + Data analysis platforms for POC test and diagnostics developers.

If you are developing point-of-care tests or diagnostics (e.g. lateral flow) and need software support, we would love to talk to you.

Grant funding applications software partner

We have successfully won InnovateUK grants for our own R&D projects and jointly with companies developing lateral flow diagnostic tests.

To discuss how we can help with grant funding applications, please contact us.

Bond’s grant-funded wearable tech R&D

We are not just a software provider. We have exciting new product developments in our pipeline supported by InnovateUK and Welsh Government.

If you are investigating “blue sky” medical wearable technology projects or other technology solutions, we would love to talk to you.

Bond Digital Health used their ePRO platform to quickly integrate an e-diary system and full data capture process into a user friendly Android app for use in a clinical trial to support a new diagnostic product under development.

Mologic E-Diary

We’re working with Bond Digital Health to develop the App/Web components of our medical diagnostics product. Bond is exactly the sort of partner we want, giving us a feeling of security as we develop the product together. This is important for us as we’re not IT experts. They’re a pleasure to work with: technically competent, highly responsive and operating with a can-do enthusiasm which is refreshing and infectious.

MicroarrayChris Hunt, CEO, Microarray Ltd

Bond Digital Health put patients at the forefront of their business. Their technology allows accurate collection of patient data within clinical trials and demonstrates the potential to impact patient health and wellbeing. Collaboration with the team has highlighted their adaptability, commitment and integrity. They believe in their products and are a pleasure to work with!

Hywel Dda University Health BoardRachel Gemine, Grant & Innovation Manager, Hywel Dda University Health Board

Since becoming members of The Hub in 2016, Bond Digital Health have grown from strength to strength.
Specialising in medical technology software solutions, they are a great example of what the Hub was designed to do. They have taken full advantage of our extensive network, proving to be a great success story. With their professionalism and enthusiasm they are certainly a business to watch.

Life Sciences Hub Wales

AGP have been supporting Bond Digital Health Ltd since their inception earlier this year. BDH’s commitment to quality and service, combined with their entrepreneurial attitude has enabled them to rapidly gain traction in the med tech field. It is very rare to see a start up in revenue at this stage, let alone be in profit. What an outstanding start!

AGP (Welsh Government Accelerated Growth Programme)Andy Bird

Commercial SaaS (Software as a Service)

ePRO Apps (electronic patient recorded outcomes) commonly known as patient diaries. Each product is based around an easy to use mobile app where patients record their symptoms and other related subjective data.

EDC (electronic data capture) a secure cloud-based platform enables developers of point of care devices to seamlessly collect objective POC test results in parallel with the patient-reported ePRO data and securely transfer to the cloud for monitoring and predictive analysis.

Clinical Trial design and development support. If you need to undertake clinical trials to evaluate your diagnostic test or prove its efficacy, we can provide ePRO and EDC services to support this.

Grant funding applications software partner

If you are applying for a grant and need SaaS services to support your project, we can be your software provider and help write the bid.

If you need an SME to lead on your bid application, we have experience coordinating and managing consortiums on collaborative projects.

We have expertise in managing project timelines (e.g. InnovateUK / Horizon 2020 / Government funding) and can be involved as much or as little as you need.

Bond’s grant-funded wearable tech R&D

In addition to our three core commercial services, our ongoing new technology development includes wearable technology products and better ways to support ongoing care for sufferers of chronic conditions following discharge from hospital. This work is supported by our clinical director Professor Keir Lewis of Swansea University.

We’ve been awarded a Bevan Exemplar to support the development of our self-management app for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), as well as an Innovate UK Precision Medicine grant to conduct a feasibility study for our wearable technology to support COPD.

Personalised self management data app

The Bond Digital Health story

Bond Digital Health evolved from the experiences of an “expert patient”.

Ian Bond is a long term sufferer of COPD and grew frustrated at the lack of information, the time lag between consultations with his GP and consultant, and the experimentation with drug and treatment regimes. He found that his treatment was often based on subjective recollections rather than real evidence.

This led Ian to create a personalised self management data record of his condition and daily impact factors so he could better manage his condition, predict potential exacerbations and present his medical carers with accurate information to support diagnosis and treatment. The original ibemapp COPD product was born from this process and has subsequently provided the foundation for the full range of products and projects. The core technology now supports other clinical developers in their clinical trials and bringing products to market.

Ian and co-founder Dave Taylor created what is now a successful growing business creating jobs and value for the economy and achieving its aim of adding to the ‘wellness’ of the community.