Developing front end applications that connect diagnostic sensors to back end data platforms
End to end digital health solutions supporting health providers, practitioners and patients
Working with our partners to improve the lives of millions of people with chronic conditions

Our mission

Reinventing healthcare through the use of adaptive and enabling technology (AET)™

What we do

We develop digital healthcare solutions that operate in the “white space” void between patient visits with their health care professionals. Our solutions transform reactive intermittent treatments into real time, proactive, continuous care.

Our three core areas of service delivery:

B2B (SaaS)


The ibemapp digital engagement b2b product suite which enables developers of diagnostic medical testing devices to seamlessly collect and transfer user data to a secure cloud based analysis system.


The myibemapp suite of products for individual sufferers of chronic conditions who want to become more proactive in their condition management and connect more closely to their clinical practitioners.


The ibemappSP plug in architecture designed to support easy integration of one off new technology development projects in the digital health domain.

The Bond Digital Health story

Bond Digital Health evolved from the experiences of an “expert patient”.

Ian Bond is a long term sufferer of COPD and grew frustrated at the lack of information, the time lag between consultations with his GP and consultant, and the experimentation with drug and treatment regimes. He found that his treatment was often based on subjective recollections rather than real evidence.

This led Ian to create a personalised self management data record of his condition and daily impact factors so he could better manage his condition, predict potential exacerbations and present his medical carers with accurate information to support diagnosis and treatment. The original ibemapp COPD product was born from this process and has subsequently provided the foundation for the full range of products and projects. The core technology now supports other clinical developers in their clinical trials and bringing products to market.

Ian Bond, became co-founder with partner Dave Taylor of what is now a successful growing business creating jobs and value for the economy and achieving its aim of adding to the ‘wellness’ of the community.

Our adaptive and enabling technology ™ digital engagement solutions can connect a wide range of patient facing diagnostic medical testing devices.

Multi platform mobile apps seamlessly collect and transfer real time and near real time patient data to a cloud platform for secure, fast and easy analysis. This fills the “white space” information void that exists between often infrequent patient visits to healthcare professionals, facilitating faster and more accurate information assimilation.

In this way, our ibemapp digital engagement b2b product suite transforms reactive intermittent treatments into real time, proactive, continuous care.

If you are developing or delivering a point of care diagnostic test, we can help you make better use of the data that you collect, to help you help your patients.

Our myibemapp suite of products is aimed at individual sufferers of chronic conditions such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).

Each product is based around an easy to use multi platform mobile app that is individually configured for each patient and helps them to record their prescription intake, daily lifestyle indicators, whilst tracking external influences on their condition.

A secure cloud based platform aggregates the data and makes it available to the patients’ medical practitioner to fill the “white space” between consultations and enable real time, proactive, continuous care for each patient.

If you are working with sufferers of chronic conditions, we can help you help your patients.

Our ibemapp platform features a plug in architecture to  support bespoke projects from external service providers and partners.

Our ongoing new technology development includes wearable technology products and better ways to support ongoing care for sufferers of chronic conditions following discharge from hospital. This work is supported by our clinical lead Professor Keir Lewis of Swansea University.

If you are investigating “blue sky” medical wearable technology projects or other chronic care related technology solutions, we would love to talk to you.

Bond Digital Health used their ibemapp platform to quickly integrate an e-diary system and full data capture process into a user friendly Android app for use in a clinical trial to support a new diagnostic product under development.

Mologic E-Diary

Bond Digital Health are working with us to deliver a radical new approach to the digital management of wound care. The ibemappDE platform provides us with a flexible and extensible method of data collection and management that simplifies our service delivery.