Bond Digital Health at a glance

If you’ve ever seen a home pregnancy test, you know what a lateral flow test (LFT) is. Generally, an LFT comprises a cartridge that contains a strip. This strip reacts to body fluids and other liquids to detect if a particular substance is present in the sample.

A pregnancy test reacts to human growth hormone. Its presence in a sample indicates pregnancy. And LFTs can be used to detect a very wide range of viruses, hormones, chemicals, bacteria and other agents besides.

Where we come into the lateral flow test story

Our platform, Transform®, captures results and associated data from LFTs in real time. This is game-changing. Because when you build digital capability like this into LFTs, they become a conduit for aggregating and managing big data.

This gives end users like healthcare settings, governments, workplaces and transport hubs an easy, low-cost way to identify trends and infection hotspots – and to drill down into the data to see micro trends. For LFT providers, Transform® provides an easy, low-cost way to comply with emerging regulation – and to premiumise their tests, making them more valuable and giving them broader appeal.

We are the Intel Inside for the lateral flow test industry.

What is Transform®?

The platform comprises an easy-to-use app, cloud storage and intuitive dashboards. It allows end users to upload test results and associated data, including the age and gender of the test subject, location, symptoms, shift patterns – and indeed any data an end user wants to record. The data is then uploaded to the cloud in real time and made available via dashboards and reports. Transform® can also generate virus passports via the app. It is hugely scalable – and can accommodate millions of results and other data being uploaded simultaneously.

Answering a global need

Currently, the majority of LFTs are not digitised. Results are recorded manually – and opportunities to gather life-saving data quickly and accurately can be lost. The Covid-19 pandemic has demonstrated how vital data is in controlling disease. However, it’s also increasingly needed to help a wide range of industries meet regulatory demands. For example, in the USA, FDA guidance says that all LFTs should contain a digital component – and should be able to share data easily with government organisations.

  • Fully compliant

    We have invested considerable resource and time into making Transform® fully compliant with global medical regulation and standards. Transform® is classified as Software as a Medical Device.

  • Helping LFT providers make their offer better with data

    Transform® is a turnkey, white label, plug and play product. When we partner with LFT providers, they can easily integrate Transform®’s digital capabilities into their products, to answer their clients’ needs with a better and more valuable offer.

  • Purpose-built, first-to-market, commercially available

    We were the first to market with a product that digitally enables the lateral flow market – and that transforms point of care diagnostics. Transform® is still the only platform that has been purpose-built for this market.

  • Beyond Covid-19

    Lateral flow testing has been an essential component of controlling the spread of Covid-19. However, lateral flow testing is also important in other areas of human health, animal health, agriculture and food.

In revenue – and strong performance forecast

We are in revenue and revenues have exceeded forecasts to date. We have an IP valuation of £1.4 – £1.9m.