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How a laser focus helped expand our business

Breaking the boundaries of the lateral flow market with next generation technology

The lateral flow diagnostics market is currently worth over US $6 bn and is growing rapidly. With more than 2 billion tests sold every year it is expected to reach US $8.7 bn by 2023.

Originally developed more than 30 years ago for the home pregnancy test market, today lateral flow technology has a myriad of uses across sectors including human and animal health, agriculture and food and drink.
We are proud that Bond Digital Health is the only company in the world offering bespoke digital solutions specifically for lateral flow and connecting the entire industry – test developers, reader manufacturers and scientists – with their end user groups.

Lateral flow is quickly becoming the preferred solution for rapid in-field testing and patient self-testing because of its ability to give accurate, lab-quality results without needing expensive equipment.

Some of the advantages of this technology are:

  • Low manufacturing costs
  • Multiplexing ability – the ability to detect multiple targets within a single test strip resulting in improved accuracy, sensitivity and specificity
  • Gives rapid results within minutes
  • Quantifiable – evolved from ‘Yes/No’ results to giving measurable information i.e. how many weeks into pregnancy.
  • Myriad of uses and applications – the sky is the limit!


When combined with the powers of the cloud and data aggregation and analytics, it can help government organisations worldwide better monitor and control infectious disease outbreaks (Ebola, Malaria, Bovine TB) and improve understanding and treatment of chronic conditions like diabetes and lung disease to name a few.

Co-produced with the industry, Bond’s core technology is designed to enable lateral flow to deliver on its potential and address evolving end user demands and pressures.

As a pioneering digital technology company in a thriving market, we see it as our responsibility to continually improve our products and service delivery. We want to keep building valuable solutions that enable our partners to innovate and advance their scientific research and development.

The Future of lateral flow is in connectivity and data

Capturing data from a lateral flow device used to happen via a bench-top reader that needed to be plugged into a desktop usually using a USB cable. Advancements in technology led to the emergence of smaller, handheld readers, some of which can fit in your pocket. End users now increasingly demand these readers have in-built connectivity and the ability to instantly capture and transfer data to the cloud.

So we created an end-to-end digital platform with wireless connectivity and we called it Transform™ – because it transforms traditional tests and readers into a digitally connected ecosystem with real-time shareable data at its heart.
Transform™ is an App, Cloud and Dashboard platform available in multiple variants customised to support client’s intended product use and complexity guided by regulatory requirements.

Regulatory compliance is so important for the lateral flow industry and a huge barrier to entry for companies developing software for medical devices. First to service this market, we have invested two years and £300K into ensuring the solutions we develop are safe, secure and compliant.

Clients now consult us regarding the commercial and regulatory implications of introducing a digitally-enabled diagnostic product into the market. We have become the experts and a trusted partner to lateral flow leaders globally.

An evolving business with a higher purpose

To promote our innovative solutions and further establish our brand in the lateral flow community, we dedicated time over the summer to create a fresh looking website and a video to showcase our team and business.

Easy to navigate, visually attractive and with a simple user interface, the new website reflects the design of the digital technology solutions we provide to clients. On our thought-leading blog you can read informative articles just like this one as well as company news and reflections on industry events such as the Lateral Flow Workshop. Our network of business collaborators and strategic partners can be viewed in our partner section.

We’re working on a ‘White Label’ page which will explain what you need to do to have your own custom-made branded digital connectivity platform to offer your clients – stay tuned!

As part of the relaunch campaign we produced a video showcasing our great people, our personality and technology. You can watch it on the story page followed by interesting facts about how the business was born.

With total focus on lateral flow, our brand has evolved to better reflect the business growth and improved value proposition. We are aiming to become the digital partner of choice for innovators in lateral flow and to democratise out-of-lab testing by educating and empowering the end users. 

Strong synergies can be created by combining cutting-edge science with the powerful capabilities of cloud technology and namely its ability to capture and use the world’s most valuable resource – data. 

We are proud to be leading the digital (r)evolution in lateral flow and to be able to help control some of the world’s major health threats for the benefit of people and the planet.

Launching at a leading industry event in San Diego

When it comes to promoting a business in a highly technical and regulated sector, there is no substitute for face-to-face meetings. That’s why we are excited to be officially launching Transform™ at a key industry event, the Advanced Lateral Flow Course (ALFC) 2019 in October.

This three-day event, hosted by DCN Dx and QIAGEN in San Diego, California, is a highlight of the lateral flow calendar, bringing together key companies, regulators, academics and government agencies to share ideas and to learn about the latest developments and innovations.

Attending ALFC for the first time last year was a bit scary because of the novelty of our solutions but proved to be a tremendous success generating significant interest that later on translated into new business. 

We felt a strong pull from the market for digitally-enabled diagnostics powered by data. We’re excited to return this year, more experienced and better equipped to service the needs of potential client partners. 

We know our innovative digital technology will be a game changer and we can’t wait to partner with other pioneering businesses to unleash its full potential.

You can click here to learn more about Transform™ and what it can do for you. If you are attending ALFC and would like to arrange a meeting with our commercial director Phil Groom please connect via LinkedIn or get in touch using our contact form.
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