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Meet the team: Gus Muller, iOS Developer

Gus Muller iOS Developer
Gus joined the company in 2021, was raised in Scotland, and has a background in IT, computer hardware, and software development. Some things you may not know about Gus:


  • He used to fly engineless planes in the Cairngorms, using the mountains for uplift
  • Gus is 6’6 – the tallest person at Bond!


Q: What is your role at BDH?

A: As an IOS developer, I support the IOS development of the apps that Bond creates. This includes creating new features, and helping the development life cycle of our apps – I also support the apps, doing work like bug triaging. 


Q: How did you get into your field?

A: Around 4 years ago I worked in IT support as an IT manager. I felt like my role was becoming more about management than getting to do any technical work. All of my technicians were getting to work on all the cool things, and I was always doing management reviews. 

In IT, I had a really good general knowledge of things and the many different subsystems, but hadn’t found a real niche that I wanted to work in. I primarily worked with Windows, but I was really enjoying Apple products. I came across Swift, the language Apple uses to code their apps in, and found it really interesting – creating apps for a specific device seemed like a cool process. 

I handed my notice in, and trained from home for 9 months full-time, doing immersive online courses in IOS development. From there, I got my first Junior role (about three years ago).


Q: What’s a work related accomplishment you’re really proud of?

A: When I was still a junior developer, an app I was working on kept having a specific issue. The work I was doing on it seemed to be getting to the root of the issue, and I was on the way to resolving it. The senior developers I worked with didn’t agree – they thought it was a separate issue, so went a different route and kept adding tests on top of everything. 

I kept on with my work, and found what the issue was – it was a very complicated one, but I was able to resolve it. I was really proud of that, because my colleagues were all convinced it was something else, and me following my own theory and doing the work got the issue fixed, and the project unstuck. 


Q: How have you found working from home this year? Can you tell us your favourite thing about it?

A: I’ve had mixed feelings about it, but the real bonus is being able to be home for my little girl. I finish work, and I’m home in ten seconds, so I’m able to spend more time with her.

Getting to see her progress this past year, and watching how much she’s changed and developed has been awesome. 

I have been missing the social aspects of work – I like socialising with my colleagues, and I think it’s really important to do, so I’m looking forward to being able to do that again. 


Q: If you were given an unlimited budget to add one thing to the BDH office, what would it be?

A: I haven’t actually seen the office yet, but if we don’t have one already I’d like a PlayStation (and beanbags)! My last workplace had those, and it works really well – it may sound distracting, but having downtime to spend with colleagues, and something fun to do together is really good for the work environment.  


Q: Do you have any predictions for any after effects of the pandemic?

A: Working from home has become more normalised – I think we’ll see more people working part-time between the office and home. 

My main prediction (and hope) is that more local area shops and businesses will be used. I think this year has made people more aware of local offerings and produce, and more willing to buy them. My family have been getting things from our greengrocers and have been shopping locally in places we’d never been before.