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Meet the team: Viktoriya Agova, Marketing Manager

Viktoriya Agova, Marketing Manager

For our first week, meet Viktoriya

Viktoriya is Bond Digital Health’s Marketing Manager and one of the company’s first employees. She joined the company in 2017, is originally from Bulgaria, and has a background in marketing, startups, and finance. 

Things to know about Viktoriya

  • Viktoriya is an advocate for equality in all its forms – she is very tuned into social issues and spends time outside of work helping communities she is active in.
  • Karaoke sessions help Viktoriya with her work; singing to a song and dancing around boosts her workflow and productivity

What is your role at Bond Digital Health?

A: My official title is marketing manager but I consider myself more as a strategic enabler. Marketing is sometimes misunderstood – so a key aspect of my role is to change that narrative.

I do this by ensuring that everything we do in our marketing, no matter how minor, is of exceptional quality and adds value to our customers – from educating them about the value of digital products to building a collaborative partnership.

In point-of-care diagnostics, it’s all about co-creating innovative breakthrough products. We turn our customers into thought leaders and advocates for digital, making them better in their roles.

How did you get into marketing?

A: I originally studied finance and economics, which I enjoyed, but it wasn’t something I wanted to do for a living. Marketing is an interesting balance between science, art and behavioural economics, and I love that. I’m a creative person so it’s great to be able to express that.

During my university years, I became passionate about start-up businesses and entrepreneurship. I wanted to contribute significantly to a small company, rather than get lost in the big corporate world. Around that time I also became a basketball coach and took on a challenge to transform a talented group of beginners into a championship-calibre team.

I just have this innate eagerness. I guess at some point I must have thought, let’s use that in a business context. You know, take a good product with lots of potential and make it successful in the marketplace. All too often good products wither because of poor marketing.

What's a work related accomplishment you're really proud of?

A: Without sounding too philosophical, I’m proud of my progress over the past four years. I joined Bond straight from university, and I’ve basically grown as a professional. I’m much more confident, I’m learning every day and the best part is that I’m enjoying it thanks to the lovely people I work with. Bond is a fantastic place to start your career and a fantastic place to be. 

A more specific accomplishment I’m proud of was our work over the first lockdown. Under my leadership, we developed the company’s core purpose, values, and brand – and really strengthened our proposition. 

We also launched the first version of our platform that we adapted for a Covid-19 test. Years from now, we’ll look back at the coronavirus outbreak and be able to say we mobilised our entire business to help save lives – and this is indeed something to be proud of. As a result, we’ve got a robust offering that helps companies advance and accelerate their diagnostic products. 

What kind of hobbies do you enjoy outside of work?

Outside of work, I do lots of mobility and fitness stuff. I cycle, walk, and handstand when I can. I played basketball for 12 years so I can’t imagine not being active. If I wasn’t with Bond, I’d probably be doing something connected to movement and wellbeing.

Coaching came to me, I wasn’t really looking for it. I’m super proud because of the opportunities we created with the team. We created a safe environment for women from ethnic minorities to get an equal opportunity to play basketball and to feel included. You’d be surprised at how far behind the Welsh basketball scene is in terms of equality and diversity. 

Social issues like that are of great importance to me and I feel a responsibility to raise awareness for when things aren’t quite right – and to do something about it.

How have you found working from home this year? What's something you like about it?

It’s been interesting. There are some aspects I like (such as spending time with my plants) and some things I struggle to get used to. But mostly I enjoy it. It’s been great having more flexibility and freedom, and working from the comfort of my living room.

Although it’s been fun to be on a call to Canada one minute and then Australia the next, I am looking forward to a return to the office and a more hybrid way of working.

If you were given an unlimited budget to add one thing to the Bond office, what would it be?

A: Well, my dream addition has already been realised with our mini-golf office course, but with an unlimited budget? I’d ramp that up – I’d move us to an office that has a rooftop terrace, and build us an elaborate golf course with more holes!

With an unlimited budget, I’d create a massive, nationwide campaign aimed at educating the general public on the benefits of mass testing, vaccinations, and digitising it all. Experts say COVID-19 will be around for a long time. We need to make sure that everyone has access to scientific information in a language they understand, and that they are educated about their options.

We should be approaching this situation with more love, care, and understanding than we currently are. A kinder approach would reach more people, rather than increase the polarisation of opinions – we need to bridge the knowledge gap.

Do you have any predictions for any after effects of the pandemic?

A: Working from home is here to stay and that’s a good thing. We live in a connected world where information travels fast – so we need the infrastructure in place to be able to react and respond quickly. Digital is essential, not optional – even traditional retail businesses have had to adapt. If you don’t do digital, you’re leaving money on the table.

Mass testing will stay for definite, and I’m not just saying this because of our industry. With the way the climate crisis is progressing, disease outbreaks will likely become a lot more frequent, not just in humans, but in animals and the environment. If we don’t make it mainstream now, we’re setting ourselves up for a grim future. We recently wrote an article about this.

We’ll be getting tested before entering countries or boarding planes. And we need to be able to act on results information quickly so we can create a safer, better world. Digital technology has a pivotal role to play in making rapid testing mainstream and accessible for all.