InsightsBlogEducationWant to stop people faking Covid lateral flow test results? Use Transform®-enabled tests…

Want to stop people faking Covid lateral flow test results? Use Transform®-enabled tests…

Record lateral flow tests easily with Transform®

Dan has been looking forward to his holiday for ages. He’s spent good money on it. He’s been working like a mule… and nothing, but nothing is going to get in the way of him lounging by the pool with a cocktail and an airport thriller.

But then 48 hours before he flies, his lateral flow test comes up positive. Does he cancel and look forward to a week of self-isolation and Netflix? Or does he tinker with the image of his lateral flow test result in Photoshop and travel anyway?

According to press reports, some people are gaming the system, faking their Covid lateral flow test results and travelling, or going to work, regardless.

This is why technology like Transform® is so important. When Transform® is part of the system for lateral flow testing, results are uploaded immediately – making it much harder to fake a result. 


How it works

  • When an organisation like a government, health authority or employer buys lateral flow tests for thousands of people to use, it makes sure they’re Transform® enabled
  • A Transform®-enabled lateral flow test is linked to the Transform® app
  • When individuals use a Transform®-enabled lateral flow test, they photograph their result, and it is immediately uploaded into the system
  • The test could also have a QR code linking it to a named user – and this reduces the potential for faking test results even further


The threat posed by falsified negative results is so great that some governments are introducing legislation to outlaw faking them.

But fining a holiday faker – or an employee who feels they can’t afford to take a day off work – may not stop the virus spreading. On the other hand, introducing instantaneous, digital capture of results could help to stop faking in its tracks.

By using Transform®-enabled lateral flow tests, the threat of fake results can be greatly reduced. See all other reasons why Covid-19 testing is here to stay.

If you’re a lateral flow test provider who’d like to integrate Transform® into your offer, book a demo with us today. Transform® can be set up and ready to deploy in as little as six weeks on a straightforward monthly subscription.