Founding story

In 2016, our co-founder Ian Bond was asked to keep a patient diary to help manage his chronic lung condition (COPD). Hastily scribbling notes in the car park before an appointment didn’t seem an efficient way to record symptoms.

So Ian turned to our other co-founder, Dave Taylor, and suggested there ought to be a digital solution. With Dave’s decades of experience creating apps and websites for corporate clients, Transform® started to be born.

The initial result was a digital self-management platform that gave clinicians better data – and Ian better healthcare.

Their work attracted the attention of Mologic – a world-leading innovator in point-of-care diagnostics and lateral flow testing. They needed a patient app and cloud data management platform for their new lateral flow rapid diagnostic product for chronic lung disease.

From this point on, the Transform® platform began to really take shape. We secured seed funding of £200k – and invested heavily in understanding the complex regulatory framework for digital products supporting lateral flow diagnostics.