HEADSTART® COPD test system.



Mologic Ltd are a global, rapid diagnostics company specialising in world-class lateral flow technology. They have a broad pipeline of diagnostic products that spreads across multiple markets and disease states including respiratory disease. 

HEADSTART® is Mologic’s new point-of-care urine test that identifies biomarkers in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) - a lung condition that affects millions of people. It alerts people with COPD that they are about to suffer a life-limiting lung attack (an exacerbation) and is aimed for self-use in the comfort of the patient’s home.

The self-diagnosis test, being developed in partnership with the University of Leicester, could significantly improve the quality of life for people with COPD by promoting patient self-management and enabling remote monitoring and early intervention, while reducing costs for the health service.

Project aims & challenges

Mologic’s innovative scientists are leaders in developing world-class rapid diagnostic tests. When these scientists were tasked with a new way to help COPD patients understand, monitor and control the health of their vulnerable lungs, they found it challenging. They needed something more than a single-use test - they needed to come up with a way of engaging the patients and capturing the data.

Another core aim of the project was to improve the overall quality of care for COPD patients by enabling remote monitoring. This would give health practitioners and clinical teams constant access to patient records, enhancing decision-making and saving time and resources.


In their quest to make the test simple enough for patients to use at home and empower them to take control of their own care, Mologic approached us for a digital solution. 

We developed a mobile app that included a patient tutorial to demonstrate and simplify the testing process and a patient diary to collect daily symptom data. Data was time-stamped and could not be filled in retrospectively, meaning that consultations were now evidence-led and based on real-time patient feedback. The app could also wirelessly capture test results and send this bundle of data to the cloud for secure storage. 

To aid the remote monitoring process and enhance decision-making, we also designed and developed a web app with visual dashboard that presented patient data in a variety of ways and provided constant access and sharing capabilities.

Overall, we helped Mologic simplify the process and deliver a better end user experience at the point of care. Together we transformed their powerful new test into a digitally connected system in which patients could have an increased sense of involvement and ownership of their own health and where practitioners could make better, evidence-based decisions. 

Combining their cutting-edge science with our digital expertise, we co-created a solution that could improve millions of lives.

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Bond Digital Health put patients at the forefront of their business. Their technology allows accurate collection of patient data within clinical trials and demonstrates the potential to impact patient health and wellbeing. Collaboration with the team has highlighted their adaptability, commitment and integrity. They believe in their products and are a pleasure to work with!
— Rachel Gemine, Grant & Innovation Manager, Hywel Dda University Health Board

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