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An update from our CEO

Firstly, I would like to extend a big thank you to all of our clients, partners and investors, and most importantly, our valued employees.

For the past couple of weeks in the UK, the situation has been rapidly changing. Following government advice, people have been reducing social interactions to help slow down the spread of the coronavirus that has the world on edge.

As Stephen Hawking once said, “intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.” If this is the case, then at Bond we must all be geniuses! It’s remarkable how quickly the team has moved in response to the new reality to ensure things continue to run as smoothly as possible.

We would like to reassure all our clients and partners there won’t be any interruptions to our working processes. We’re here to support you.

Most of our team members are working from home and we’re all set up with the right communication and collaboration tools. Our Head of Technology, Russell, has even ordered an indoor static bike to mimic the morning work commute as closely as possible (sticking to the routine is important). Morale has been boosted and we’ve been checking in with each other even more frequently, which has positively affected productivity and creativity. We’re doing things the Bond way.

While the world may be slowing down, things in our corner have been progressing steadily. We’re approaching the completion of our Series A funding round and we’re expecting to share the good news in the coming weeks.

We’re aware that as investors you might have concerns about your assets, so we wanted to assure you that we are both well positioned and fully prepared. A number of our partner companies have seen increases in their share price as a result of the work we are all doing.

As a business, we’re in the fortunate position of offering digital products and services that are in particularly high demand at this time. We’re experiencing rapidly growing interest in what we do which will only increase going forward.

The learnings from this crisis are that the digital service we provide, integrating with point-of-care lateral flow testing is going to be pivotal in detecting, managing and controlling outbreaks and pandemics such as the coronavirus. We don’t need to wait for the dust to settle to see that the future direction for diagnostics is digitisation.

Now more than ever it is resoundingly clear how important our contribution is to the ecosystem. As pioneers in our field, we’re motivated and we feel responsible to keep refining our products and services and to keep innovating so we can take the point-of-care diagnostics industry into its promising, connected, digital future.

We will keep you updated, and in the meantime, we hope you and your families stay safe and well.

Keep calm and carry on,

Ian Bond