InsightsPressBond features in prestigious science journal

Bond features in prestigious science journal

Bond Digital Health and its technology have been highlighted in a prestigious international science journal.

The business was featured in a paper on lateral flow diagnostics published in the latest edition of Clinical Chemistry, a monthly journal produced by the American Association of Clinical Chemistry (AACC).

The paper, written by Hans Boehringer and Brendan O’Farrell of US-based rapid diagnostics company DCN Dx, explores the role of lateral flow assays in infectious disease diagnosis*.

Bond is cited in a part of the paper that reports on the latest technical advances that will affect testing in point of care (POC) settings.

It says: “The cell phone and app segment are additionally supported by custom software suppliers including Bond Digital Health (UK), who support the app design and the back-end data management component. Phone-based apps are viewed as key to broad-based adoption of POC rapid testing.”

Bond’s Transform® software system offers real-time data capture and management for lateral flow and other rapid diagnostic tests.

It includes easy-to-use apps and dashboards, secure cloud storage and public health integration, which allows test results and other data to be reported to healthcare providers and public health bodies.

Phil Groom, Bond’s Commercial Director, said: “We are delighted to be recognised in such a prestigious publication as Clinical Chemistry, which is the leading peer-reviewed international journal of clinical laboratory science, especially after our recent ISO accreditation.

“It is particularly positive that we are the only business mentioned in the section of the paper dealing with software, apps and data, which shows just how highly regarded we are in the sector thanks to the quality of our products and the hard work we have undertaken to meet strict regulatory standards.

“As the paper acknowledges, interest in lateral flow has reached new levels since the Covid-19 pandemic started two years ago, and Bond is proud to be spearheading the data capture and management segment of this fast-growing market.”


* Hans R Boehringer, Brendan J O’Farrell, Lateral Flow Assays in Infectious Disease Diagnosis, Clinical Chemistry, Volume 68, Issue 1, January 2022, Pages 52–58,