InsightsPressBond joins international consortium in fight against Coronavirus pandemic

Bond joins international consortium in fight against Coronavirus pandemic

Bond Digital Health is proud to announce it has joined an international consortium to produce a new rapid test for the coronavirus pandemic.

Led by Bond’s Canadian partner Sona Nanotech, the consortium, which also includes GE Healthcare Life Sciences and the Native Antigen Company, is developing a screening test for Covid-19.

At the time of writing there have been more than 128,000 cases of Covid-19 worldwide and more than 4,700 deaths. The World Health Organisation has declared the outbreak a pandemic and many governments have taken urgent measures to halt its spread, including closing schools and banning large public gatherings.

The new test, based on lateral flow diagnostic technology, will be used as a screening tool to help triage individuals suspected of having Covid-19. It is expected to give results in 5-15 minutes and will cost less than £30 (US$50).

Sona expects to release the test within 6-8 weeks under research only guidelines (i.e. for use in the laboratory research phase of development). It has been speaking to international regulators including the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to ensure the test is eligible for emergency use authorisation.

Bond Digital Health will add its medical grade digital connectivity and data capture technology to the test to improve its functionality and its value to the market.

Sona Nanotech CEO Darren Rowles said: “Lateral flow tests are affordable, accurate, portable, cost effective and provide rapid results at the point of care. We intend for Sona’s lateral flow test for Covid-19 to be used as a front-line triage test to identify infected individuals in the community and determine which individuals require further medical attention.”

“Bond Digital Health’s data capture system will help us visually interpret quantitative test results and back them up to a secure cloud. Once enough data has been collected, we can use existing algorithms and machine learning to predict how advanced the infection is allowing the correct level of care to be carried out.

“In combination with Sona’s Covid-19 test, Bond’s technology could ultimately help authorities detect, manage and control the spread of the outbreak by using a visual dashboard with a heat-map and real-time updates.”

Bond Digital Health CEO Ian Bond said: “We are already delivering real value into the lateral flow diagnostic market with Transform – our white label digital platform with medical grade compliance and secure data management.

“We are honoured to be working with Sona and this international consortium on this new rapid test and proud that our technology will play an important role in combating the effects of this pandemic.”