InsightsPressBond shares insights on lateral flow testing in global publications

Bond shares insights on lateral flow testing in global publications

At Bond, we are always keen to share our insights and experience on the lateral flow industry and the future of the technology.

Recently, two of the pieces we wrote on these topics were picked up by leading scientific publications.

Our commercial director Phil Groom wrote separate pieces for medical technology journal MedTech News and scientific news publication Technology Networks, both on the future of rapid testing.

For MedTech News, Phil wrote about why rapid testing needs to go digital.

The piece made the argument that lateral flow will become a regular part of life after the pandemic, and to get the most out of the technology, it has to go digital.

“To get on top of a highly infectious disease like COVID-19, speed and accuracy are everything.

“You need to know who has the virus and whether or not they have symptoms. You need to know where they are, who they’ve been in contact with, and then you need to test their contacts quickly.

“Without digitisation, this real-time, rapid response isn’t possible.”

Ultimately, the article said, going digital will help speed up response, clamp down on infection rates, improve speed and accuracy of reporting, detect disease earlier and save lives and livelihoods.

For Technology Networks, Phil wrote about lateral flow testing beyond Covid-19.

The piece looked at the growing public awareness of lateral flow as a result of its use in the pandemic and how it had the potential, post-pandemic, to become a part of everyday life for a whole range of uses, both medical and lifestyle based.

“Lateral flow is here to stay. It has grown beyond the home pregnancy test in the eyes of the public and truly proved its worth in the pandemic. As an industry, we must seize this opportunity and keep lateral flow front and centre.”

As we’ve said in the past, lateral flow is a technology with a huge potential that, thankfully, we’re now starting to tap into and realise. It can transform disease management across human, animal, plant and environmental diagnostics to name a few.

We’re proud to be championing the digitisation of lateral flow and making diagnostics accessible to all. We will keep sharing insights about the exciting future of this technology in the human health sector and beyond.

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