Working with our partners to improve the lives of millions

Lateral flow is an industry that has the potential to shift the course of human health and take on the major threats the world is facing nowadays, such as food security, agriculture, and the rise of chronic diseases.

In such an important sector driven by relationships, innovation and quality service delivery, collaboration is the only way toward making any real change that can potentially produce benefits on a global scale.

Bond’s technology links all branches of the industry putting us at the heart of the lateral flow community.

By providing the digital platform needed to democratise lateral flow testing, Bond becomes the partner of choice ensuring its partners in lateral flow remain competitive and significantly improve their commercial opportunities and innovative capabilities. Together with the industry we are driving the next generation digitally enhanced lateral flow diagnostics and delivering a complete solution powerful enough to take on global challenges.

Bond is proud to be working in collaboration with reputable industry leaders, academic organisations and world-class research institutions, who are all cutting-edge innovators in their respective fields.