The industry leading digital platform solution for lateral flow.


TRANSFORM™️ is a safe, secure and compliant digital connectivity platform offering ‘reader - app - cloud - dashboard’ functionality that is transforming traditional lateral flow assays to digitally connected assays with accessible, shareable data.


platform variants

TRANSFORM™️ is available in three variants customisable to meet user needs and requirements, support product intended use and complexity, and comply with strict software regulations.



Entry level digital platform designed to support lifestyle lateral flow tests intended to be used for general testing or research purposes and where the associated risk of harm is low. TRANSFORM Life™️ is also suitable for veterinary, food and beverage, and environmental tests.


Developed to support class B and C in vitro diagnostic medical devices, TRANSFORM IVD™️ supports self-testing and near-patient testing lateral flow kit where there is low to medium risk of harm, such as cholesterol, fertility testing and pregnancy.


Digital platform supporting class C and D in vitro diagnostic medical devices for self-testing and near-patient testing where there is a high risk of harm. Our Pro™️ solution is typically used with infectious and chronic diseases and to track and monitor disease staging.


For guidance on which solution is right for your project, please

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If you are a lateral flow and/or reader manufacturer and want to be able to offer a digital platform to your customers, we can build a bespoke solution for you.

platform features

  • Complete wireless connectivity using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC & Cellular Data

  • Graphic User Interface (GUI) delivered in a native mobile app using best practice UX / UI design

  • Cloud data aggregation & storage

  • Data & results sharing and visualisation in a user-friendly dashboard (tablet, desktop, etc.)

  • Handheld / smartphone reader integration & algorithm interaction

  • Lateral flow reader apps

the way we work

Bond employs a co-production and innovation approach to ensure clients are involved and engaged in product development and the final product fully meets their needs.

We adopt an Agile development process ensuring high product quality, timely delivery and transparency.

Extensive in-house regulatory expertise in developing compliant solutions aligned with both data security & data privacy legislation (GDPR, HIPAA) as well as relevant medical device regulations and standards (ISO 13485, IEC 62304, etc.)

Thanks to our compliance expertise and substantial experience in delivering Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) products to the lateral flow market, we can also help with your commercial strategy.