Digital technology enabling the evolution of lateral flow diagnostics



Developed by founders Ian Bond and Dave Taylor and originally designed as a patient self-management tool, Bond’s digital technology was remodelled to meet the needs of Mologic Ltd, a world-renowned innovator in point-of-care diagnostics and the lateral flow industry.

Mologic required a digital platform consisting of a patient-facing mobile app and cloud data management for their new quantitative diagnostic test for chronic lung disease. They shared their experiences of working with us with a collaborator company who quickly commissioned Bond to develop a similar product for chronic wound care.

Others in the lateral flow industry recognised that an affordable, compliant and scalable solution was available highlighting a huge unmet need in an expanding market.

Bond is working in strategic partnerships with key industry leaders to create the next generation of digitally connected lateral flow diagnostics that provide an elevated user experience and enhanced real-time decision-making through the power of data aggregation and data analytics.

Our regulatory strategy ensures that the solutions we create are secure, reliable and compliant with regulatory standards, making us a trusted partner to leaders in human health, animal health and agri-food globally.

In Bond Digital Health we believe that collaborative working is the only way to tackle some of the major health challenges the world is nowadays facing.

Our technology brings the life sciences industry closer together to create solutions that improve the lives of millions.

Let’s make a difference together!