Lateral flow test innovation
just got easy

The next generation of your lateral flow offer can be a complete digital solution. With a simple subscription to Transform® you get the power to create a whole range of premium products. Your customers will be able to track results and additional data in real time. Here’s how…

  • ISO13485
  • IEC62304
  • Fully GDPR Compliant
  • HIPAA Compliant

Key features of Transform®

  • REAL TIME data capture and management
  • Capture millions of results simultaneously
  • Customisable data fields – so your customers can capture symptoms, patient information, workplace details and more
  • Seamless LOINC and SNOMED public health reporting
  • Easy-to-use app
  • Dashboards that allow your customers to identify trends and hotspots – and run reports

Use Transform® with any lateral flow test

Transform® technology captures and manages data from any type of lateral flow test, for any purpose – including detecting HIV, hepatitis C, Covid-19, bovine TB, hormone and antibiotic levels.

Three ways to deploy Transform®

Available now

On-site testing

Ideal in schools, universities, workplaces and hospitals.

A trained professional carries out tests and uses the Transform® app to capture results and additional data.


Great for airlines, events, workplaces and more.

Your customer sets up log-in details for each subject. Subjects carry out their own tests and register results and data on the app.

Available Q4 2021

Over the counter home test

Set up lateral flow tests for OTC use.

Consumers scan an on-pack QR code, download the Transform® app, register themselves and upload their results.

Key functionality

Real-time data capture and management for lateral flow testing

Record lateral flow test results and other data in real time without a reader

Monitor test and associated data in real time

Capture data from any type of lateral flow test reader

Completely scalable - upload thousands or millions of tests simultaneously

Secure cloud data storage and management

Set up and download reports

Protecting patient data

Configure Transform® to anonymise data and protect patient privacy. Transform® allows you to comply with GDPR and HIPAA requirements easily.

Automatic LOINC and SNOMED compatibility

Public health integration is easy with Transform®. All results can be reported to healthcare providers and public health bodies in accordance with local, state and federal requirements.

Unleash the innovation now – with one simple subscription to Transform® from Bond Digital Health.