Use CasesAppDX™ Smartphone reader and powerful data management solution


AppDX™ Smartphone reader and powerful data management solution

AppDX™ Smartphone reader and powerful data management solution


Bond Digital Health has proven to be an incredibly responsive partner and very quickly demonstrated the ability to be a trusted supplier. They are very important to our approach and offering and will deliver significant value to our customers in the short, medium and long term.

Leigh Thomas, Business Development Director at Abingdon Health


Abingdon Health is an industry leader in the development and manufacturing of lateral flow diagnostic tests. Offering a range of innovative enhanced assay services, Abingdon are on a mission to improve global health through technology-enabled products. They have a global client base from multiple sectors, including human health, animal health, environmental and agri-food. Here’s how we helped support Abingdon Health’s AppDx™ platform.


Abingdon identified the need for an accurate, portable reader that could be used in the growing point-of-care space and meet the data and connectivity requirements that customers increasingly wanted.

Driven by the growing demand for mobile diagnostics and the market niche for smartphone readers, Abingdon launched a new reader technology – AppDx™.

By using smartphone functionality, AppDx™ transforms the mobile phone into a rapid test reader enabling real-time capture of results and data management and bringing Point of Care and home testing within reach.

They were among the first to realise the potential of smartphone technology when paired with the already portable and established lateral flow testing technology.


Through our work on bench top readers, we concluded that mobile phone technology had reached the point where, if used with a lateral flow test, it could be a powerful diagnostic tool. Smartphones are intuitive, user friendly and are already in the market. By providing digitally enhanced diagnostic solutions, we are paving the way for community testing on a grand scale for any number of diseases or chronic conditions while at the same time lessening the burden on primary care.

Leigh Thomas, Abingdon Health’s Business Development Director, on the thinking behind AppDx™

Aims and Challenges

Abingdon wanted to provide a flexible and scalable solution by taking full advantage of smartphone functionality and by harnessing its unrivalled connectivity.

To achieve this, Abingdon wanted a live health software platform which would demonstrate the power and accuracy of the AppDx™ solution. AppDx™ also had to be easily customisable to the client’s specific data and portal requirements.

Abingdon approached Bond to help with this mission, in particular with:

  • the User Interface of the AppDx™ mobile app
  • cloud connectivity and data management services
  • capturing data from remote sites and instant transfer to a central hub
  • AppDx™ web dashboard for stakeholders to access and share test results, GPS location of testing and associated data

Abingdon wanted to have the new AppDx™ portal and dashboard ready at an accelerated rate to meet a specific launch deadline.


We used the existing Abingdon Health work flows and software as a foundation and integrated their AppDx™ reader technology into a new user-facing application.

We introduced cloud services in order to deliver a scalable, end-to-end solution.

We created a customisable user-facing native app to guide AppDx™ users when taking a test reading at the point-of-care. The app stores and displays a predefined number of completed tests and enables users to carry out new test scans and synchronise results. Adding easy-to-follow, visual instructions in the app meant that the potential for user error could be reduced.

The web dashboard completed the service by enabling users and stakeholders to log in via a web browser and review all or any subset of test data, according to the level of User Authorisation.

We built APIs to transfer data from the phone to the cloud and from the cloud to the web. The result, along with relevant localised data and patient collected information, can be viewed instantaneously in the dashboard and in the mobile app, thanks to the fast data synchronisation.


A particularly powerful feature of AppDx™ is the ability to map results using GPS location and overlay them with environmental and geographic data while including other information such as patient ID, test ID or underlying health conditions. This can provide deep insights into the epidemiology of an infectious disease and inform decisions and strategies. Users can also monitor trends, track assay performance in different areas, identify problems and their causes.

Utilising Bond’s digital expertise enabled Abingdon Health to deliver AppDx™ as a powerful data-driven solution. AppDx™ now goes beyond the simple visual interpretation of a test and provides a vehicle for those with the ambition of improving global health.

AppDx™ was built to be entirely customisable, dependent on the client’s assay requirements and intended use and is now commercially available.

Partnership and Future

Bond and Abingdon Health quickly developed a synergistic partnership. Going forward, Bond will supply connected portal services and data management as part of the AppDx™ offering.

This ongoing collaboration will ensure expert, knowledge-driven solutions to the growing rapid test market.

We are excited at the opportunity for rapid testing to effect mass testing and screening.


I have a vision where there are no economic barriers or hurdles to prevent anyone gaining access to early diagnosis, whether through your doctor’s office or at home. Technologies such as AppDx™, that combine the power of the Smartphone with the science and accessibility of the rapid diagnostic test, make that an increasing reality.

Leigh Thomas, Business Development Director at Abingdon Health