Use CasesIntegrating Transform® is “a game-changer” for Sona Nanotech and its customers

Sona Nanotech

Integrating Transform® is “a game-changer” for Sona Nanotech and its customers

Sona Nanotech is a nanotechnology life sciences company that uses gold nanorods to improve lateral flow testing.

In early 2020, the Canadian company developed a Covid-19 rapid antigen nasopharyngeal test. They wanted to integrate digital capture and management of test results – so they turned to Transform® from Bond Digital Health.

Highlights of Transform® for Sona

  • Powerful, real-time reporting
  • Better experience for end users
  • LOINC and Snomed compatibility

The challenge

At the beginning of the Covid-19 outbreak, Sona knew its unique gold nanorods could be utilised in an innovative new lateral flow test. The company also wanted to give its customers the ability to capture and manage all test results, as well as associated data. Lateral flow test reliability was extremely important.

With the pandemic taking off, the need was urgent – and they turned to Transform® from Bond Digital Health and their health data analytics platform.

Darren Rowles, Sona’s Chief Scientific Officer and President, says: “Digital connectivity and data capture was a consideration from the start. We wanted a system that could record the test results and capture and store the data securely.

“We were also being led by Covid legislation, as some authorities required data capture. Most Western governments wanted some form of digitising of test results.”

The power of Transform®

By integrating Transform® into its lateral flow test offer, Sona could instantly tick the compliance box. But it knew access to test results and other data would have the potential to be game-changing for its customers. So, from the company’s very first internal testing, Sona made maximum use of Transform®’s real-time data capture and health analytics.

Darren says: “Having those results come through on the dashboard immediately and being able to visualise them is very impressive. Capturing and sharing data also gives a better experience for end users – whether they’re patients, clinicians or authorities. For our customers, this functionality is particularly useful, as it gives them eyes in the field or lab.”

Gaining a commercial edge

Integrating Transform® has given Sona a branded app – which they’ve called Sona Connect – as well as dashboards and secure data storage and management. All of this can now be offered as part of Sona’s product – and customers can use the functionality to capture test results and additional data, such as the test subject’s age, gender and symptoms.

“Sona Connect gives us an edge in the market. Having that premium offer gives our tests an added benefit that sets us apart from our competitors,” says Darren. “It’s also great that we – and our customers – have the reassurance that it’s compliant with all the relevant regulations.

“The Sona Connect app is nicely designed, simple, easy to use and intuitive. The dashboard is also very impressive, offering a great user experience. When we show the dashboard to prospective customers, they can see how useful the platform is and appreciate the added functionality that Sona Connect gives them.”

Beyond Covid-19

The pandemic might have been the driver for Sona to digitise its product. But the company is already planning to integrate Sona Connect into future tests.

Darren says: “We’re planning to offer it with other tests that we currently have in development, including for bovine tuberculosis and concussion. The ability to seamlessly integrate real-time reporting and data management into lateral flow testing is a game-changer for a whole range of end users.

“I think in lateral flow diagnostics, particularly in high-risk areas like emerging infectious disease testing, there will be an expectation from the market that any new test coming through should come with digital connectivity and data capture. Thanks to Bond Digital Health, we already have a platform that gives us that.”